Bringing learning to life

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2012 by Debbie Schallock under General, Integrated Marketing, Messaging, Positioning. Tags: , , , ,

The IMSC committee and University Relations have been coordinating all of the preparations for launch day, which will be March 15. While a great deal of work has been executed over the last several months, one aspect especially worthy of a blog post is the “How” messaging component of our communication strategy. This strategy has evolved since our earlier posts and its relevance across campus will be significant as we begin university-wide adoption.

Our new communication strategy, which we refer to as the “Why-How-What” strategy, is a research-based approach for talking about UNCG and your specific unit through messages that align with UNCG’s story.

What exactly does “Why-How-What” stand for? For a quick explanation, jump down to end of this post. Essentially, “Why” refers to the call to Do something bigger altogether. “What” are the key features that UNCG offers. “How” connects the two by describing the way UNCG goes about the learning experience. In focus groups, current students and alumni told us they value the UNCG experience largely for the learning that occurs both inside and outside the classroom. UNCG is an environment that brings learning to life.

Consider the different yet related meanings of how UNCG brings learning to life:

UNCG brings learning to life through an engaging classroom experience.

• UNCG brings learning to life through out-of-classroom experiences that connect theory to practice (mentoring, undergraduate research, living-learning communities – to name a few).

• UNCG brings learning to life to delivering lifelong lessons that are carried forward as students seek to make meaningful contributions.

To provide additional content to “How” messaging and the idea that we “bring learning to life,” take a closer look at the “What-How-Why” strategy.

• “Why” messaging addresses why UNCG does what it does. The short answer is to Do something bigger altogether. With “Why” messaging, your audience should begin imagining what it’s like to be part of the UNCG community – a community that helps them to go beyond the expected by making a more meaningful contribution.

• “How” messaging communicates how the UNCG experience is distinctive. In addition to creating an environment of academic excellence, our faculty and staff go a step further; they connect theory to practice to bring learning to life. The UNCG experience is a transformational one in which knowledge and its meaningful application are emphasized. Through a culture of support and collaboration, our university delivers lifelong lessons that encourage students to find their place and develop their own definition of success by making a difference in their community and the world.

• “What” messaging focuses the list of what we do around three key features: challenging academic programs, a supportive environment that fosters academic growth and a clear path to goals, and an engaged community with connections and collaborations on and off campus.

We look forward to celebrating with everyone at the launch party on March 15 and sharing the results of our work with the campus. Please join us in the Virginia Dare room from 10 a.m.-noon for refreshments and the unveiling.

By Debbie Schallock, Director of Marketing