Bringing the brand idea to life for UNCG: The Creative Expression

Posted on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 by Debbie Schallock under Brand Idea, Integrated Marketing. Tags: , , ,

Efforts are well under way to convert what The Republik gleaned from the IMSC Committee research and their own interviews and surveys into a fleshed out creative expression of the brand idea. Remember our last post, where we shared UNCG’s value proposition? Now The Republik is working on a recommendation on how to bring the UNCG brand to life through messaging and photography.

Presentations have been made to key groups across campus, including the IMSC Committee, Deans Council, Executive Staff and the Board of Trustees. So far, response to the brand idea and the creative execution has been overwhelmingly positive based on its authentic reflection of UNCG as well as its visual appeal and compelling language. Statements such as “terrific work, this is what UNCG has been from its founding days, what’s taken so long” were expressed. A round of applause actually broke out after the value proposition was read to the BOT.

The brand idea and creative expression was also tested and unanimously endorsed by prospective students and current students. We are quite pleased to say our approach was affirmed, supported and found to be believable.


The IMSC co-chairs are Joy Bhadury, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research for the Bryan School of Business and Economics, and Helen Hebert, Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations