We have a proposition for you…

Posted on Thursday, May 5th, 2011 by Debbie Schallock under Brand Idea, Integrated Marketing, Positioning. Tags: , , ,

In our last post, we mentioned the development of a value proposition – a statement that we, as a university community, internally and inherently understand as an expression of what UNCG values about who we are. Let’s take a look at that proposition:

UNCG stands apart from other universities by defining excellence not only by the people we attract, but by the difference they make. With a conviction to empower all, we have created a unique environment of collaboration and inclusiveness that fuels curiosity and passion for everyone connected to UNCG. At our university, what matters beyond what is taught is how the lessons learned are carried forward. UNCG, beyond the book.

Going Beyond the Book

What does the “Beyond the Book” concept mean? Essentially, that UNCG is distinguished by an enlightened approach to higher learning, an approach that can be considered going “beyond the book.” This approach is the result of personal touch points with faculty and staff, a diverse and inclusive community, a supportive environment, and resources and programs specifically designed to facilitate students’ ability to find their place in the world and possess the confidence to develop their own definition of success.

For example: If classroom learning is “the book,” UNCG goes Beyond the Book with our living and learning communities. If basic research is “the book,” UNCG students go Beyond the Book by partnering with faculty on translational research, research that can be applied to solving real societal problems. And if students at many other universities learn alongside students that are like themselves, then UNCG goes Beyond the Book by exposing our students to a diverse and inclusive campus where they learn how to interact and collaborate with all different kinds of people and personalities.

In upcoming posts, we will provide the latest developments regarding the creative expression of the brand idea. Stay tuned – there is a lot more to come!


The IMSC co-chairs are Joy Bhadury, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research for the Bryan School of Business and Economics, and Helen Hebert, Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations