How do our audiences describe UNCG’s approach?

Posted on Saturday, April 30th, 2011 by Debbie Schallock under Integrated Marketing, Research. Tags: , , , , , ,

In our previous post, we announced our partnership with The Republik. The IMSC Committee is pleased with the ideas and strategy coming out of this creative, knowledgeable group. In fact, based on their work so far, we now have a ‘value proposition’- a brief statement that captures the unique value and distinctive merit of UNCG. This will be used to guide the creative expression to make sure it’s authentic to UNCG. But first things first…

Since their engagement with this initiative, The Republik has been conducting their own first-hand research to partner with the first year audits conducted by the IMSC Committee. The combination of our work has resulted in the beginnings of an exciting, authentic creative approach that directly reflects how the collective UNCG community feels about UNCG.

While we are still in the early stages and much creative strategy and execution lies ahead of us, we thought we would share a few examples of the kinds of things our various audiences are saying about UNCG and what this tells us about the university.

The Republik met with three internal groups: alumni, faculty and staff, and current students. Throughout these meetings, as The Republik got to the heart of people’s emotions and passions relative to our university, a common thread became strikingly obvious. Across all three groups, UNCG’s unique approach to learning resonated time after time.

The firm also reached out to external groups to gauge their perceptions and emotions, specifically community members and a group of prospective students who had applied and had been accepted, but chose not to attend. This was a first time effort to gauge external perceptions – specifically for those who chose to go elsewhere.

The outcome of these interviews provided us with two lists of descriptors, one that reflects our core values and one that reflects the university’s personality. All together, these descriptors are reflective of the UNCG experience and communicate an authentic true-to-UNCG approach to learning.  Each list was funneled down to ultimately arrive at one word, as shown below:

Core Values

First list: reliable, honest, helpful, guiding, integrity, leader, caring, proud, supportive, nurturing, friendly, family, diverse, accepting, inclusive

Second list: mentor, enlightening, experienced, championing, revealing, assured, constant

Single descriptor: enlightening


First list: friendly, family, helpful, proud, subdued, humble, unassuming, giving, compassionate, passionate, worldly, fun, quiet, sincere

Second list: confident, wise, perceptive, reflective, aware, knowing, sage

Final descriptor: perceptive


The IMSC co-chairs are Joy Bhadury, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research for the Bryan School of Business and Economics, and Helen Hebert, Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations