“You navigate; let us take the wheel”

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When the IMSC Committee was asked to devise a roster of faculty, staff and students responsible for producing marketing materials on behalf of a unit or the university, the list topped a hundred names. With so many people working to communicate about all things UNCG, we knew there would be a lot to learn from listening to their experiences, desires and needs. The overwhelming majority, we learned, enjoy content creation and simply want support for improving their work.

The Community of Content Creators (C3), as they are now known, was divided into two focus groups:

  • Those whose primary job is NOT marketing and communication yet are responsible for routinely producing materials, and
  • Marketing and communication professionals who reside in the units, and whose primary job is to manage the production of materials for their unit.

Great response rate = an engaged, informative community

In November, 148 content creators were sent a short online survey. 53.4 percent answered the questions, an outstanding rate of response. Here are some of the most important takeaways:

  • The content creators around campus enjoy developing communication pieces and they want to continue their work in this area – they’re just asking for more help. Specifically, 94 percent responded as either satisfied or highly satisfied with their responsibilities. 96 percent said they were either somewhat or highly interested in improving their communication materials.
  • 50-60 percent want more tools and training in order to produce more effective communications. This is in contrast to a much lower percentage of respondents who expressed that they want someone else to produce their content for them entirely, 17.11 percent, who responded they would like to have “[a] dedicated communication professional in my school, college, or division to provide services to completely manage communication projects.”

As our IMSC chairs mentioned in the previous post, we believe these factors will inform our decision making going forward and help us better understand how to proceed with an integrated marketing initiative across campus.  The majority of faculty, staff and students want to continue taking the wheel with content creation; but support is needed. As a result, the IMSC Committee plans to develop a robust web site to support C3 and others on campus involved in communicating about UNCG. The site will include easy-to-use tools, graphic and brands standards and we’ll begin sharing best practices.

C3 – the start of a beautiful friendship

We can already see that C3 is organically evolving into a true support community. While training sessions will be offered in 2011-2012, the IMSC Committee also encourages C3 to support one other as we move forward. We envision C3 to be a mobilized group ready to share resources among themselves and other campus members, training each other, networking, hosting brown bag lunches, etc.

The campus community can expect a collective effort with a great deal of opportunity for mutual benefit and support as integrated marketing and strategic communication unfolds, rather than it being an initiative pushed out by one central unit. Based on what we heard in focus groups and from the online survey, the community of content creators is particularly poised and eager.

Want to know more? The complete survey and all responses can be viewed here.


The Adoption & Training Subcommittee co-chairs are Lyda Adams Carpen, University Relations Director of Creative Services, and Sarah Carrigan, Director of Institutional Research