Announcing second year IMSC committee members

Posted on Monday, August 30th, 2010 by Debbie Schallock under General, Integrated Marketing. Tags: , ,

As we begin a new academic year, I’d like to announce the current IMSC committee roster. The group continues to represent UNCG administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members as well as external perceptions. Below, you will find the current committee listing for 2010-11.

Rebecca Adams, Peter Allan, Joy Bhadury, Alan Boyette, Lynn Bresko, Bonita Brown, Kevin Bullard, Lyda Carpen, Sarah Carrigan, Linda Carter, Pam Cash, Shannon Clegg, John Deal, Melissa Edmonds-Kruep, Herb Everett, Alicia Fields-Minkins, Tim George, Steve Gilliam, Bill Hart, Helen Hebert, Celia Hooper, Scott Hudgins, Lise Keller, Laurie Kennedy-Malone, Sherri MacCheyne, Katie Marshall, Kacy Seay McAdoo, John Merrill, Barry Miller, Gwendolyn O’Neal, Nell Pynes, Louise Raleigh, Steve Roberson, Debbie Schallock, Donna Seckar, Michelle Soler, Curtis Tarver, Japp-Jan Van Duin, and Jackie White.