Comparing, Contrasting and Collecting

Posted on Sunday, November 1st, 2009 by Debbie Schallock under Competition, Integrated Marketing, Messaging, Research. Tags: , , , ,

The IMSC Committee is in the process of assessing UNCG’s marketing and communications with the ultimate goal of developing a consistent, compelling presentation of who we are. This work involves taking a close, detailed look at ourselves as a university while also shining the light on what other institutions are communicating to their affinity groups.

As you can imagine, there is much gathering to be done over the next months. The first major task of the IMSC Committee is to conduct three audits that will capture:

  1. existing attitudes, beliefs and perceptions about our university from the viewpoints of internal and external audiences via existing research ;
  2. what other universities in our region are communicating and how they are marketing their institutions; and
  3. a wide-scale collection of marketing communications from across our own campus for the purposes of evaluating consistency in identity, messaging and photography.

All three audits are scheduled to be completed by spring 2010. Results will be made available shortly thereafter. We look forward to sharing them with you. In our next post, Dean Steve Roberson will outline the plan for a targeted look at the online marketing efforts of competing universities.


The IMSC co-chairs are Joy Bhadury, Associate Dean, Graduate Programs and Research for the Bryan School of Business and Economics, and Helen Hebert, Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations