Meet your first year IMSC Committee

Posted on Sunday, October 25th, 2009 by Debbie Schallock under General, Integrated Marketing. Tags: , ,

Along with my fellow co-chair, Joy Bhadury of the Bryan School of Business and Economics, I am pleased to announce the Chancellor-appointed Integrated Marketing and Strategic Communication committee. The group comprises a cross-section of administrators, faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members to represent our campus colleagues as well as external perceptions. Member service for the initial committee will last three academic calendar years beginning fall 2009 and ending in spring 2012.

IMSC committee members include:

Peter Allan, Joy Bhadury, Alan Boyette, Lynn Bresko, Kevin Bullard, Lyda Carpen, Sarah Carrigan, Linda Carter, Pam Cash, Shannon Clegg, John Deal, Melissa Edmonds-Kruep, Herb Everett, Alicia Fields-Minkins, Steve Gilliam, Bill Hart, Helen Hebert, Celia Hooper, Scott Hudgins, Tim Johnston, Lise Keller, Laurie Kennedy-Malone, Sherri MacCheyne,  John Merrill, Barry Miller, Gwendolyn O’Neal, Sharlene O’Neil, Nell Pynes, Louise Raleigh, Steve Roberson, Jesse Russo, Debbie Schallock, Donna Seckar, Michelle Soler, Dick Stewart, Curtis Tarver, and Charles Tedder.


Our initial meeting was held Sept. 30. At that gathering, we discussed the roles of the three subcommittees (listed below). In future posts, our subcommittee chairs will describe forthcoming work regarding a comprehensive audit, our first major step in the IMSC process.

Marketing Research subcommittee – Dr. Tim Johnston, chair

Message subcommittee – Lise Keller, chair

Competitive Analysis subcommittee – Dr. Steve Roberson, chair

Finally, we are delighted to be facilitated by consultant Mike Fox, an adjunct faculty member at Wake Forest University, who has more than 25 years experience in corporate marketing and branding, including work with institutions similar to UNCG. Mike’s experience, attentive ear and thoughtful guidance will help direct our work as a group dedicated to aligning UNCG’s marketing efforts with the university’s strategic plan. Mike, Joy and our fellow committee members look forward to keeping you abreast of the team’s findings and accomplishments.


Helen Hebert is Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations